Senior Living in New York

Senior living in New York CityWhat’s really left to say about New York City that hasn’t been said so many times before? Known to many as the best city in the world, New York residents really do enjoy distinct lifestyle. Endless opportunities abound in NYC for those who love culture, art, food, theater, concerts, sports, nightlife, exercise, etc. Let’s face it – this city has it all!

Anyone looking for senior living in New York City will find a variety of options ranging in price and amenities offered. Luxurious assisted living facilities are all the rage for the affluent upper east siders, but for anyone looking for more reasonably priced options, they can be found all over the city. One of the many great advantages of New York seniors living is that the over 60 population is very active and incredibly social. There are many activities for seniors looking for company whether it’s an exercise class or social activism participation. One thing for sure, you’re never alone in the city that never sleeps!


According to the 2012 US Census estimate, New York City has 19,570,261 people. As the most populated city in the US, its senior population is also quite impressive. Currently, seniors 65 and over represent 13.7% of the total population and that number is expected to increase over the next five to ten years.

Cost of Living

It probably won’t come as a surprise to most to learn that New York City is rather expensive. In fact, it’s about 28% higher than the national cost of living average. However, it’s New York City and living in one of the best cities of the world is worth the extra cost!

Housing Costs

As many NYC residents can attest, finding a place to live in New York can be one very frustrating experience. New York real estate is some of the highest valued in the U.S. The average house cost in New York City is around $235,000, but with a little patience and perhaps a bank loan, you’ll hopefully be able to find the perfect NY location.

New York Assisted Living Costs

In comparison to the high cost of living in New York City, the cost of New York assisted living is fairly reasonable. According to Genworth Data, a private, one-bedroom Manhattan assisted living facility costs an average of $4,500 per month. This number can vary greater, however, depending on location and personal care needs.

Crime Rate

Over the last decade, New York City has really worked to change its image as a dangerous city. In fact, the crime rate is now the lowest it’s been in years, about 3% lower than the state average. Violent crime is still higher than desirable, but the city is generally a lot safer these days. Regardless of the statistics, it’s always a good idea to check out an area thoroughly before making a permanent location decision.

Medical Facilities

New York residents have a number of nationally recognized hospitals nearby. For such a high population, there are a sufficient number of health care options. The New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell is one of the nation’s best and is nationally ranked in 23 specialties.

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